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Ch. Murthy, Chairman

Global Institute of Future Terminology (GIFT) Welfare Society is the society formed to dedicate itself for the Development of Human Accord Technically Resetting Integrals and it focuses on various aspects and accordingly. GIFT Welfare Society targets mainly for the uplift the down trodden and provides them support. It works through its various wings in diverse areas which needs attention.

GIFT is an organization with energetic and youthful people who are driven by a dream to provide livelihood to 10,000 youth from economically under privileged by the year 2015.

You have been selected because we have found that energy and passion in you to do things. Working as a GIFT facilitator is not a regular kind of a job. While it constantly challenges you to meet high standards, it also gives a sense of satisfaction that your knowledge is going in to shaping lives of many individuals infact many families.

Till Now GIFT Welfare Organizations Conducted Several social welfare programs like:

  • Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Computer Classes
  • Medical Awareness
  • Primary Education for Poor Children
  • Training for Un-Employs and
  • Vruddhaashrama (Oldage Homes) for Old People

Like the above we are actively conducting the programs trying to fulfill the basic and essential needs of a peoples who are not able to fulfill their own needs, GIFT is helping that kind of peoples to overcome their problems and contribute something for their nation

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