After having participated in thousands of functions over a span of many years and enjoying the tasty food that was served in these functions, it was a very sin scene to watch the excess food being thrown away or left to rot. Even the organizers would not know the proper means of disposing such food. Having decided that, such food should and can be properly utilized, we designed the “Anna Bramha” project.


We transferred the ideas of “Anna Bramha” project in the textile sector, in the name of “Vastra Dana”. Here, the excess  clothes are being more

Thousands and thousands of years ago, ever since the creation of the solar system and subsequently, the living beings on this earth, the nature has always shown to the mankind that, “A life that is lived for the benefit of others is truly a satisfactory Life.”


“The trees bear fruits for the benefit of others. The cows give milk and the rivers flow only for the benefit of others. In fact this body is given to us only to help and benefit others.” This is the simplistic translation of this Sanskrit verse.


The other face of benefiting other people is service to people without expectations. The importance attached to service in Kaliyuga is immense, because service is the easiest way to attain eternal happiness. If every person born on this earth develops service mentality, then it would not be difficult to minimize problems and suffering of the people.